Gavin and Tanya’s Wedding, South Hill, Elgin

YAY I got to second shoot for Warren Williams photography! I had been told he is a Dragon to work for……..The morning dawned bright and sunny and I was full of excitement and nerves. As we made our way to the venue in Elgin, South Hills we had a good chat as to what to expect for the day. No.1: Don’t get in his way! No.2: Have a presence and work the room. No.3: If it’s not working, move on. No.4 Have FUN!! Many thanks to Gavin and Tanya for letting me tag along with Warren.

Warren – A huge thanks for letting me second shoot with you!! You are not so bad to work with after all. 🙂
Gavin and Tanya: I know there were all these hight jokes going around, Next time just tell them “It’s all the same when you lie down”. 🙂  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and joy.


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