CYoga and teaching gangnam style yoga.

I’ve always wanted to go to the London health and Vitality show that is held at London Olympia in South Kensington. It’s a massive show with brands showcasing their wares. Kind of like a big flea market, only with health and vitality stuff. It’s a good show to get free samples from. 🙂
Whoo hoo!! I finally got to go in 2013 AND I got to have a photographic play with CYoga.
There is a yoga area where you can participate with the yoga instructors that are there for the day.

I arrived and had a chat with Katie as to how we were going to photograph the show. I was going to be on the sidelines photographing in a non-obtrusive way. It was a Yoga session after all and nobody wants a camera in his or her face whilst in downward dog.
CYoga set herself up and the other yoga participants set up themselves and their mats in rows. The first thing CYoga did was to take everyone away from their mats and their safe place. It was really funny to watch the confusion on the participant’s faces. Why were they being led away from their mat and into a circle? This is the magic of CYoga.
CYoga has this energy that just vibrates around her and the people who participate with her. When people were walking past the yoga area they had this look about them. Like they were missing out on a big Yoga party.
Right at the end, the part I liked the most and will stick with me for the rest of my days….
CYoga ended the yoga session with a gangnam dance. Free yourself, let yourself go, move your body and see where you end up. CYoga you Rock, Literally.


CYoga keep on rocking girl. It was great to work with you again.

London Peeps check out CYoga for a yoga session with a difference

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