CYoga doing yoga in the Streets. Why?

Picture this. You are in the heart of London Piccadilly Circus and the sun is shining.


Hallelujah!! You are on your way to work or perhaps you are a tourist exploring the bright lights and the craziness that can only be London. You are crossing the street when you see a pair of legs…. But they are not just any legs. For a start they are clad in bright neon pink leggings, then another thing strikes you. These legs are up in the air AND they have extremely high heals attached at the end. You think to yourself… What is going on here? Then you see 2 other ladies similarly clad and the penny drops… Oooh I see, its Ninja Yoga.

You might think to yourself, crazy ladies and walk on by! Or you might just stop for a minute taking photos whilst wondering why? What are they doing? Is it art?


Then something happens. You start wondering if your very own body could be like that. Then that little voice in your head says. I could never do that!

Well I all I have to say is:

You don’t know till you have tried.

Just do it!! Stop complaining! Stop making excuses! Stop being afraid.

Do a little bit every day of any kind of exercise, movement and see where it takes you! You might just surprise yourself. Go on I dare you.


This post is dedicated to both my brothers, Peter and Grant. In particular for you Grant.


The streets of London saw something a bit strange that day… Maybe it will make them move more!


Everybody who lives in London knows what a dull boring drag the tube can be. Not so on this day. The energy and emotions that were around us on the tube certainly had an effect on us all.






CYoga I think you need to come visit South Africa and bring your crazy energetic movement that is your delightful Yoga to these shores. They won’t know what has hit them. I am extremely grateful to have been able to have a play with you. I look forward to the next time.

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