Marnus and Leandri’s Wedding, Kleinevalleij,Wellington


Second Shooting with the infamous Warren Williams.  One of the perks to photographing weddings is that you get to see parts of the world that you might never visit.  Kleinevalleij in Wellington is such a place. It is simply stunning. I will be back! Warren said that is was the best he had ever seen it looking. That is because  Marnus and Leandri used the creative hand of Karla Oettler of the Absolute collection. The decorations were to die for. The flowers were so fresh that a bee was happily posing in one of the Tulips for me. Thanks bee. Dankie Karla. Such attention to detail. Mwaa! XXX

I loved photographing this wedding. Decor to dool over, ( In fact I Think I’m going to do an whole post on it!) Stunning guests. Beautiful bridesmaids, blooming splendid flowers.  Oh and a whole boat load of loving. 

Marnus and Leandri kept steeling kisses during the ceremony.  It was just too adorable. Here are some of their photos.




So I take a run/brisk walk up to where the boys  are getting ready at 5 Mountains Lodge. I have to remind myself that I’m there to photograph them as I walk. The scenery is breathtaking!!



Ha ha so There is a reason why I ask for jump shots. One of my favourite photographers Irving Penn loved to create beautiful portraits. He also made everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Kennedy jump for a portrait sitting which happened in his studio.  What evolved from the series is amusing and also interesting. Everyone is unique as is their jumping.

Back to the venue. Yummy cakes by Wade.

How adorable is the little girl? I’d love to photograph her and her family one day.


The thing I loved the most about the service was how Marnus and Leandri kept stealing kisses during the service.


Photographing the bridal party is such an experience. The nerves are all gone, the light is just to die for and the bubbles are flowing. That said, It can be tricky staying out of the way of Warren and the 2 videographers.  It’s a learning working curve of note.



Leandri’s speech gave me goose bumps. In fact, even though it was In Afrikaans, I think I cried. (oaky, okay I cry at every wedding!) Love is such a beautiful thing. It makes me happy so I cry….. Happy tears.



Marnus and Leandri I hope you keep stealing kisses and hold onto each other till the very end. Congratulations to you both.





Warren Willams for getting me to second this wedding. Such a joy to work with. I am dreading the day that the Ogre that I’ve been hearing about, comes out.

Karla Oettler of the Absolute Collection who did all the decorations. Wow!  Also a Big Thank-you for moving the flowers out of the Bride and Grooms way so we had clear shots. X  

Peter Lambert for the lens hire. You are a rock star.

Lastly….. My Love Leo. Thank-you for believing in me. Onwards and upwards we go. XXX