Mikaela’s 3rd Birthday Party.

Mikaela’s Birthday party was an underwater mermaid extravaganza. Even Mikaela was dressed to match her theme. And lets face it, who would not want to be a mermaid at 3 years old? I want to be a mermaid and I am 35! Janine did an amazing job decorating her daughter’s party. Mermaids, pearls, sugar and a bouncing castle. There was even a treasure chest with gold!!

It can be a workout and a half photographing a young one at a birthday party. They are pint-sized and never stop moving, add sugar and boy have you got your work cut out for you. It is all great fun and I love to capture those unscripted moments. Like the moment before cake cutting!




Mika has such sweet personality, she is so well mannered and such a funny character.  Just don’t tell her NOT to do something! Cos oh boy….. 🙂

Dad, Gideon, you were missed!



Yummy Cakes: http://www.toysandparties.co.za/
Decorations Mom:, Janine http://www.artytots.co.za/
Venue: Atlantic beach golf estate

Thank-you, to my baby love, for all the encouragement and love. Mwaa XX

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