Yvonne, Fiona and Lizette

Will it rain? Will the wind be blowing a raging gale? Will we see Table Mountain? As it turns out, only one of these questions was a negative. Cape Town and its weather can play havoc with a lot of things. Photography and family shoots are one of them. We were lucky this day and the wind and rain stayed away. Yippie. Yvonne has the same name as my own Mom and she reminded me a lot of my own Mom in many respects, not just in name.

We decided to use the beach down by the Blue Peter to shoot, and had a fab time.

Here are Yvonne, Fiona and Lizette.0001KarenO-Photography-family 0004Kareno-family-photography 0006KarenO-photography-Family 1112 0012KarenO-Photography-family 0015KarenO-Photography-family 0018KarenO-Photography-family 0021KarenO-Photography-family 0024KarenO-Photography-family Twoupanddown 0025KarenO-Photography-family 0028KarenO-Photography-family 0029KarenO-Photography-family 0030KarenO-Photography-family 0034KarenO-Photography-family 0036KarenO-Photography-family 0039KarenO-Photography-family 0040KarenO-Photography-family 0041KarenO-Photography-family 0047KarenO-Photography-family 0049KarenO-Photography-family



Many thanks to Lizette for Hiring me to take your family photos. You really helped me out of a creative slump.

Many thanks to the owners of the beach houses that we borrowed for our shoot.

Thank-you to Leonhard for being such a rock star and always helping out with suggestions and for your support.

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