Sharlene, Rene, Ethan and Mason

The world is a funny place. If you had told me at 18 I was going to photograph Sharlene M from school with her and her husband and two beautiful boys. I most likely would have thought you were crazy. Well fast forward a few (many) years later. Here we are.

When I arrived at Sharlene and Rene’s house we chatted for a bit. Then discussed clothing options. Sharlene said that Ethan’s T-shirt might have been picked up from the girls section. Ethan was standing by and replied with such a clear concise voice “Don’t be silly Mommy!” Out of the mouthes of babes. He made me laugh so much. I think it is important to chat to the oldest sibling first before shooting. Their world, as they know it has changed. If you chat to then before shooting they will warm up to you and you can get some great shots of them.

Here they are… Sharlene, Rene, Ethan and Mason.

0001Kareno-family-photography 0002Kareno-family-photography 0004Kareno-family-photography 0069Kareno-family-photography 0006Kareno-family-photography 0050Kareno-family-photography 0058Kareno-family-photography 0070Kareno-family-photography 0009Kareno-family-photography 0016Kareno-family-photography 47 0066Kareno-family-photography 0068Kareno-family-photography 0060Kareno-family-photography 0021Kareno-family-photography 0024Kareno-family-photography 0061Kareno-family-photography 0055Kareno-family-photography 0072Kareno-family-photography 0071Kareno-family-photography 0065Kareno-family-photography



Thank-you Sharlene for letting me make amends. I hope we can do loads of work together in the future. Your boys are just too cute.

Thank-you as aways, to Leo, for the transport and the support.


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