Alan, Cathy, Ava and Kaylah

As with most families there is always someone missing from the family photos. It’s usually the person who is taking the photos. Alan hired me so that people could actually see that Ava has a Mom and a Dad. We decided to shoot with the spring flowers……. time ticked on. Work got busy  for Dad, Alan and we ended up only shooting in October. Looooong after the flowers had gone. We ended up driving down the west coast in search for some flowers, any flowers. At one stage I thought that I was going to have to buy some dreaded plastic ones. Or shoot in my back garden. But as luck would have it we found some pretty yellow ones at Tienie Versfeld Reserve. Cathy I am so sorry I made you walk through all that long grass. Had I know I would have brought my wellingtons with me, for you to wear.  Alan you are a big meanie for laughing all the way up and all the way back.

Here is Ava with Mom, Dad and big sister.

0003Kareno-family- photography 0007Kareno-family- photography 0008Kareno-family- photography 0009Kareno-family- photography 0010Kareno-family- photography 0011Kareno-family- photography 0012Kareno-family- photography 0013Kareno-family- photography 0014Kareno-family- photography 0015Kareno-family- photography 0016Kareno-family- photography 0017Kareno-family- photography 0018Kareno-family- photography 0019Kareno-family- photography 0020Kareno-family- photography 0021Kareno-family- photography 0022Kareno-family- photography 0023Kareno-family- photography 0024Kareno-family- photography 0025Kareno-family- photography 0026Kareno-family- photography



Thank-you Alan for the lovely drive up the coast. I am so please that we did get manage to find some flowers in the end.

A big thank-you goes to Leonie. Baie Dankie vir die leen van die koffer. I managed to get 3 shots of Ava in it before she decided she did not like it. 

And Lastly thank-you to My Love Leonhard. With out you all this would not be possible. Thank-you for all your support.




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