Dion and Tereza’s Camps Bay Wedding, Bingley place

Dion and Tereza’s Camps Bay Wedding, Bingley place. The lovely couple Dion and Tereza, from Greece and the Czech republic, met via an online strategy game on facebook of all places. As it turns out, this particular game is responsible for some long lasting friendships. Who knew? And theirs grew even stronger. When I first heard where Dion was from – I got all excited about a big fat Greek wedding ! But alas this was not to be, as when he proposed in Prague, Old Town Square, Teresa said Yes! On one condition – that it was to be a small, stylish and intimate affair. Wedding days, so many things can go awry. Like the Maid of Honour’s car leaking oil whilst on route or the freakish Cape Town weekend weather that we’ve come to expect. Nonetheless, she made it with loads of time to spare, however only to find that her make-up bag had been forgotten. No biggie there, girlfriends make a plan. And the day itself was absolutely perfect …. Camps Bay at its finest, the wind still and balmy 26 °C. No Pre-wedding jitters here and getting ready, I was wondering where the stress was? Tereza? Nope. Dion ? all smiles ! It was the calmest wedding I have been to so far. The ceremony and reception were held at Bingley Place. Tereza and Dion wanted classic timeless photos, but they were the naughtiest couple ever. The Greek proverb  “The heart that loves is always young.”  Is very apt for both of them. Young, naughty and in love.  

Thank-you for picking me to be a part of your special day and for all the giggles.

  0001Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0002Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0003Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0004Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0005Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer0006Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0010Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0009Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0014Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0012Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0011Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0021Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0022Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0020Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0019Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0018Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0023Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0025Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0027Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0028Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0029Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0030Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0031Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0032Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0033Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0076Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0035Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0077Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0037Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0038Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0039Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0040Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0041Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0042Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0044Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0045Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0043aBingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0046Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0047Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0048Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0049Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0050Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0051Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0052Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0053Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0055Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 1112 0057Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0058Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0059Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0060Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0061Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0062Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0063Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0066Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0067Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0068Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0069Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0070Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0071Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0072Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0073Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer 0074Bingley-place-Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-Wedding-Photographer A note from the birde, Tereza. Being a mixed-nationality couple we have decided for a tiny destination wedding in Cape Town and we couldn’t have made a better decision. It all worked out exactly how we imagined, thanks to organisational brilliance of our friend Michelle, who also found us the best photographer for the day – Karen. Not only did Karen take great pictures of our wedding day, but she is also a very nice and fun person and it was a pleasure to have her around. She respected our wishes to not have any staged pictures and she made the whole photoshoot very natural and pleasant. In result we have amazing pictures with no painful memories like “stand here, look in the camera, smile” etc. 🙂 Not to mention that Karen managed to edit the photos in record time and was kind enough to meet us at the airport to give us the DVDs before we flew back to Europe. We would like to thank Karen, Michelle and everybody else who participated in our wedding, you have made our day really special and unforgettable!


Make up By Carla Brown

Flowers By: Mandy Causton from Cape Floral Designs

Brides Dress

Wedding cake: Maid of Honour’s Sister Sanet. (Seriously, Sanet you should make cakes professionally. it was delicious)


Many thanks to Michelle for organising everything. I’m so glad that T&D made it to the airport in time.

Thank-you to Warren for the referral. You rock.

And last but not least, to my darling Leo. Thank-you for all your support. I could not do this without you.

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