Gloria beats cancer with the power of a plant.

It’s really funny the way the world works. I am only just starting to realise that we really do manifest our thoughts into reality. Last year I posted a link to my facebook page called “if only for a minute” Please watch it. Here. It’s a great project that got me thinking about Cancer and how could I possibly help others. I was still wondering how I could help when I saw there was a call out for a photographer to volunteer their services for a lady called Gloria. A special group of ladies and Carol’s oil wanted to get together to give Gloria a surprise makeover.

Now Gloria’s story is an inspiring one. One that will make you sit up and take note in so many ways.

Firstly is to take nothing in your life for granted. And I mean nothing, Live your life to the fullest. Wake up early and use each day, as a gift for it is the present. If you have loved ones that you have fallen out with, be the bigger person and make the call to them. Don’t have any regrets. Learn from your mistakes and move on.Think positively and it will happen. You never know when things will change beyond your control.

Gloria’s story, two days before Gloria’s 75th Birthday she was diagnosed with Bone, Lung and Groin cancer. Gloria Fought hard and won the battle against cancer. That was two years ago. A week before her 77th Birthday she was called by the doctor and told she was in remission.

Now you might think that it was the chemotherapy that cured her. You would be wrong. It is in fact due to Cannabis oil.

If you would like more information here is the link to the page.

I would like to dedicate this post to a few people.

Gloria- You fought and won! Keep up the fight and keep on dancing. Thank-you for sharing your story with me.

Carol’s oil – without you and the oil a lot of people would not be here today. Any day now and the reality will be that the benefits of this oil …(cant read)…?  should be utilised

Mom- I miss you and I’m glad that we got yours in time. Stay healthy and strong.

Farrah Dearlove- We did not know each other very well, but your strength and your words are ones that will stay with me forever. RIP.

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Thank-you to Studio22

Thank-you to Norman who helped with the scanning for the book.

Spa space donated by Fiona at Welgelen

Make-up by Elgrias

Carols oil

Many thanks to Leo as always.

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