Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park.  I remember staring at images of wildlife photography… Wondering what that must have felt like? How close were they to the animals? What journey had they taken to get that shot? I’ve always wanted to visit Kruger National Park, sure I’ve been to game parks when I was younger, lucky me :). But this was different, different because now I had photographic knowledge. Ha ha ha! What I did not take into account was the weather, deep dark and thick bush. And animals…. that do as they please. There is no “Excuse me please, can you just stop for a minute for my photo!” We were fortunate to stay in our friend’s lodge in Marloth Park, where upon entering there is a sign that reads, “Please only feed the animals with the recommended pellets, No wheat or meat.” I kid you not! You can feed some of the wildlife there. Strange, but true.  Don’t forget they are still ALL wild animals. When you do go for a game drive then make sure you lock your doors. I am quite pleased with the results of my safari – but for now, I think I’d rather prefer to photograph people.  We really do live on a beautiful planet, for this I am so thankful. Our beaches being spoiled by trash, take one for the ocean is something that I believe that we as a species need to take on as our mantra. Though perhaps we should adapt it to “take 3 for the planet “. If you do three selfless things each day for our planet… can you imagine? Only 3 things. What you do is totally up to you. You grow and you learn. Hopefully you learn that our planet and the space that surrounds you, is a sacred one that needs to be protected.

0041Kareno-wildlife-photography0039Kareno-wildlife-photography 0040Kareno-wildlife-photography 0044Kareno-wildlife-photography 0045Kareno-wildlife-photography 0046Kareno-wildlife-photography 0050Kareno-wildlife-photography 0051Kareno-wildlife-photography 0052Kareno-wildlife-photography 0054Kareno-wildlife-photography 0055Kareno-wildlife-photography 0056Kareno-wildlife-photography 0060Kareno-wildlife-photography 0063Kareno-wildlife-photography 0037Kareno-wildlife-photography 0001Kareno-wildlife-photography 0002Kareno-wildlife-photography 0003Kareno-wildlife-photography 0066kareno-wildlife-photography (1) 0078kareno-wildlife-photography 0011Kareno-wildlife-photography 0014Kareno-wildlife-photography 0067kareno-wildlife-photography 0016Kareno-wildlife-photography 0017Kareno-wildlife-photography 0022Kareno-wildlife-photography 0070kareno-wildlife-photography 0025Kareno-wildlife-photography 0076kareno-wildlife-photography  0064Kareno-wildlife-photography 0038Kareno-wildlife-photography Acknowledgements Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, to Leonhard for all the driving and for getting us there.

Many thanks to Mike and Sam for  having us stay.

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