Chantelle, Andrew, Jack and Jessica.

Chantelle, Andrew, Jack and Jessica. This shoot took place at the amazing Kirstenbosch Gardens and the colourful St James Beach.  Chantelle, Andrew, Jack and Jessica live in the UK and were here in SA for their holiday. On the day of the shoot the rains cleared up and it was a stunning Cape winter day . In fact it was very typical of an English summers day.  We are so lucky here in SA.

Kirstenbosch  Gardens has very special memories for Andrew and Chantelle. The steps in the gardens are where Andrew proposed to Chantelle 9 years ago. I am thrilled that we got to go back and capture how their love story has grown.

St James Beach also has fond memories for Chantelle as she used to visit the beach as a youngster.  I’m sure that it was Jessica’s first experience of sticky beach sand too.    Thank-you for picking me for your family memories.  Here is their shoot


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