SUP Yoga with Ingrid

SUP Yoga with Ingrid.

What on earth is SUP Yoga? Well you take a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) then you add water and you do Yoga on the board.

Got it…. SUP board, on the river, Canal, or sea and Yoga. Sounds easy.

“But, But what if I fall off into the water?” You ask, well then you get wet, and you get back on the board. It’s a bit like life in that regard. If you fall – you get back up.

Ingrid our instructor has such amazing energy that whilst you are engaged in the yoga your troubles seem to float away and you know that you are in the right place for right now.

It is a core workout extreme, from the balance and positioning – however, I’m sure mine was more from all the laughing I did.

I urge you to try it at least once – to go beyond your comfort boundaries of walls and sweat towels, to open outdoor classes and beach towels! What have you got to lose?

This was the first part in our SUP Yoga series so stayed tuned for more.

0001KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0002KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0009KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0010KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0006KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0004KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0005KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0007KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0008KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0011KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0013KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0014KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0015KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0016KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0017KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga 0018KarenO-photography-SUP-yoga

Many thanks to Ingrid and Faz for a fun session. I can’t wait to catch up again!

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